Monday, January 11, 2016

Is apple cider vinegar effective in losing weight?

There is a lot of confusion among people about drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Where some people believe that apple cider vinegar is an effective weight loss remedy, there is not enough scientific evidence that can come across as a proof for this belief.

It can be said that drinking apple cider vinegar occasionally is good and safe for most of us but unfortunately it might not help you in losing weight.

Most of the claims made by people and companies related to this do not provide any real evidence. Therefore, if you are imagining a fast weight loss with apple cider vinegar, you might be wrong!

There have been a few researches and studies regarding the true benefits of apple cider vinegar and some of them do look promising. However, most of these studies or experiments were performed on animals like rats and cell samples in the laboratories. The study done on humans for this matter is very small and hence can not be taken into consideration.

We should make this thing clear in our minds that there is absolutely no shortcut for weight loss. The simple strategy of losing weight is to burn more calories as compared to what we consume through our daily meals. Your best option to lose weight is to go for foods that are healthy, for example, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grain cereal. Mix it up with a regular exercising routine and you will see the results which are rather more promising.


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