Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top 10 Tips for Going on Holiday with Your Kids

It’s not always easy to pack up the entire family and head on holiday, but there are ways to make it easier and fun for all.

1. Plan Ahead

Be realistic about what you will be able to do when you have your kids along. Plan for a slower pace of travelling and stick to a schedule so that everything gets done.

 2. Make Sure You Get Jabbed

If you’re travelling overseas, be sure to tell your doctor about your holiday plans and check to find out if your children will need any jabs before the trip.

3. Get Your Baggage Delivered

If you’re swamped down with carrying lots of luggage, consider having some of it delivered. There are companies such as and that  can assist.

4. Bring their Toys

When traveling by car, ensure you carry entertainment such as portable CD/DVD players or colouring books to keep your children entertained.

5. Pack Snacks

Healthy snacks kids can enjoy on the go really do help prevent hunger or moody tantrums.

6.  Beat Boredom

It’s important not to let kids stay in the car for too many hours at a time. Stop for food or even just to walk around or see some nice sights. This will help prevent boredom or frustration.

7. Bring First Aid

This is important because you don’t know when you’re going to have to deal with scratches, scrapes or insect stings. Pack things such as Calpol sachets, headache tablets, bandages, antihistamines, and antiseptic creams.

8. Ace the Accommodation

Try to book rooms that will give members some privacy and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

9. Have Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Time

This is important because you also need a break! Let the kids entertain themselves at times during the holiday. If you loosen the reigns a bit they will find things to do, for instance while you’re relaxing on the beach they can be making sand castles.

10. Include Kids in the Planning

Children become more enthusiastic about holidays when they are involved in the planning of them. This is also a good way to assist anxious kids who might feel nervous about change or not having their usual routines.


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